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newborn Great Dane

AKC Great Dane Puppies are raised here!

In 2018 we had our first littler... they were blues, in merles, mantles, and solids.

Then in 2022 we switched it up a little and seen lilacs, in harlequin, brindle and solids.

2023 brought us chocolates, along with blues, lilacs, and even standard harlequins.

by the end of 2023 we seen puppies with some imported bloodlines.

keep watching us grow.

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Find our current babies on
message us for more information!
ALSO Fill out a screening application to see about being added to the waitlist.
 Check out our blogs for Great Dane related information, such as PHOTOS, safety, nutrition, history, and training.


Pet Insurance

  Here at DirtRoads we know health insurance can be overwhelming. 

So we have partnered with Trupanion

to provide coverage for the first 30 days you have your puppy. Policy ends no strings attached, UNLESS you call and opt to keep coverage

  Here are some examples of what they cover. INJURIES; cover broken bones, bite wounds. ILLNESSES; allergies, cancer, heart disease. BREED-SPECIFIC ISSUES; hip dysplasia, cherry eye, diabetes. PROCEDURES; tests, surgeries, medications, hospital stays, and much much more.

Baxter & Bella

Dog Training Program

Understanding the importance of training and wanting to help you get started correctly, we have teamed up with BAXTER & BELLA  to provide discounted pricing on their LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP, which includes their signature step-by-step program, as well as unlimited LIVE! HELP! from their team of professional trainers and so much more.
to save 25% instantly, use discount code; DIRT ROAD at check out!!

Wash 'n Zip

Dog Beds

A large sized dog, calls for a large sized bed and boy do these dogs love their beds. Problem is beds can absorb odor, dirt and grim, that penetrates deep into the bed. Most beds have an outer cover you can wash..but that smell in the foam too.  Our favorite beds are the Wash 'n Zip Pet Bed.. unzip them and they fit right in your washer. Imagine a DANE size bed that you can actually put in your washing machine. They are so comfortable and perfect for Danes and not to mention, you can use code: DIRT at check out to save 10%off!! Check them out at the link below!

Kindly Cozy Knits

blankets, scarfs, plush blanket beds

A small business, whose owner is actually a Great Dane owner to one of our puppies from our very first litter! We not only love Kindly Cozy Knits because she has a DirtRoad puppy, but she makes super plush and comfy pet beds & blankets. She offers various textile services and the best part of it all, each product is handmade. You can use code: DIRT to save 10% off. Click the link below to check out more of Kindly Cozy Knits.


We have partnered with New Life Animal Haven to create a training opportunity for you and your dog

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