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Do not hesitate to reach out with questions, whether about CGC, STAR puppy class, Obedience training, one of our AKC Great Dane Puppies, (current, past, or future,) even general questions on where to start.
Let Us Help You!
 Don't see a Great Dane in the color you want? Drop me a line, let me know.  I have a network of other breeders; I may be able to help you locate the one you are looking for.

(812) 881-1507

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On our social medias, you get to experience a up close and personal relationship with our Danes. If you are getting a pup from us, this is the perfect opportunity to stay up to date and watch your pup grow during the first 8 weeks of its life. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the exclusive behind the scenes of Dirt Road Danes.

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