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Be patient a little bit longer

Bella’s temperature dropped late last night/early this morning. She ate a good breakfast and I did ask her to walk the property’s perimeter abou 9:30am. She waddled behind the rest of us until we were far enough ahead she could turn around and go back to the porch. LOL Now she slowly beginning her ritual of going outside to dig then come in and rest.

I will always honor this ritual.. though if we ever have a winter litter I may have to make a dig box! As I am not a fan of the cold, and the frozen ground may be a bit too much for them feet!

Anyway, I ask you to have patience a lil bit longer. Even though I have down time now between labor pains to write this blog, time as I know it is about to change! There will be the crucial first 48 hr when I won’t leave her side for more than a minute or two. BUT I will also still have my normal 1hr of doggy care every morning, potty breaks thru the day for the others, a puppy I am potty training too. So I will delegate certain times to my husband & son to help me out by sitting with Bella while I try to keep our other Danes routines as close to normal as can be. Eventually I will need to sleep & shower. Haha

By Day 3 Breanna & I will start ENS/ESI so by the end of their first week we should be able to get photos we have taken on the website..

Remember no picks will be made for first few weeks. But I will try to get photos up. So everyone can see them. You will be able to see photos sooner via FB, and watch them grow and change more often🫣. Be careful watching can cause puppy fever 🐾🤒!

So I ask you to just be patient while waiting on Website updates!!

Thank you Heather & Breanna

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