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Can Great Danes Tolerate Hot Weather?

Great Danes cannot tolerate extreme hot weather. They need a balance of temperatures for them to thrive.

The Great Dane is popular for its ruggedness and toughness, but if you’re considering acquiring one or already own one and might be moving to a different climate it’s important to know...The breed can tolerate some hot weather.

But How Well Can Great Danes Tolerate Hot Weather?

  • Great Danes and Heat: Danes cantolerate heat but must be watched for dehydration, sunburn or extreme heat.

Can Great Danes Live In Hot Weather?

Great Danes are playful and love to be outside when the sun is up. Although this dog can tolerate hot weather, you need to take precautions as Great Danes have a challenging time regulating their body temperature.

Exposing them to too much heat could lead to dehydration, sunburn, and in extreme cases, heatstroke. Remember, a Great Dane doesn't have any protective fur to keep them covered from heat. You need to make sure your dog isn't exposed to extremely hot weather.

Ways You Can Help Your Great Dane During Hot Weather

When asking can Great Danes tolerate hot or cold weather, here are a few tips that can help your dog survive during the hot season:

Have the Dog Play in a Shaded Area

Dogs, like humans, are prone to sunburns after a day in extremely hot weather. You'll notice the burns in areas with little fur, which can be on the belly, nose, or ears. Also, dogs that have lighter hair are at risk of getting sunburns. 

If you take your Great Dane outdoors during summer to play and run around, you need to limit direct sun exposure by keeping him in a shaded area. In case you notice sunburns, talk to your veterinarian for treatment options.

Give Little Amounts of Water Over Time

Dehydration happens when your Great Dane is exposed to extreme heat while playing outdoors, during walks, and left in a hot environment. Fortunately, you can quickly identify dehydration before it's severe.

Some of the common dehydration symptoms include a disinterest in playing, depression, and lethargy. Your dog's eyes may also look sunken, and the nose may seem drier than normal.

It's essential to give small amounts of water over time and not at once. Put the water in a container in a way that the Great Dane won't knock it over.

Take the Dog for a Quick Dip

Your Great Dane will appreciate swimming on a hot summer day. Make sure your pet is attended to while taking a quick dip as he can become overexerted in the heat. Going for a swim will help your furry friend cool off in the summer heat.

Do Not Skip Regular Exercise

It's essential to take your dog for outdoor exercises before it gets too hot or after the sun has gone down. That will ensure your pet doesn't have direct contact with sunlight and can prevent him from exerting lots of effort in the heat. 

Exercise is vital to your Great Dane's skeletal and muscular growth, which is why you shouldn't skip regular exercise. However, you need to take caution by having your dog exercise where there is shade. When taking walks, avoid the hot roads or sidewalks as they could cause serious burns. Choose grassy and shaded areas when going for a walk.

Avoid Leaving the Dog Outside

Avoid leaving the dog outside for a long period of time unattended. If the weather feels too hot outside, it could have the same effect on your Great Dane; ensure there is plenty of clean water and shade when they are outside.

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