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Crop or not to crop?

The process of Ear Cropping involves complete or partial removal of external visible part of the ear called pinnae or auricles. In this cosmetic surgery, the ears are often taped to furnish them with a tip, and an erect look. Ear cropping occurs in other dog breeds besides Great Danes as well. For instance, Doberman Pinscher, and Pitbull.

Great Danes with cropped ears are common in the U.S. whilst the European Great Danes mainly display the breed’s natural floppy ears.

There are quite a number of Great Dane dog parents and canine lovers who disapprove of ear cropping practice. Regarding it as a questionable and unethical norm. Therefore, the adherents find it cruel and brutal to crop Great Dane ears. For many others, the process might relieve the dog of many ear related issues such as infections, in addition to sprucing up its appearance. As cropped ears are easier to clean as compared to the dog’s naturally floppy ears.

Besides, the people who love and adore Great Dane natural ears are also frequent to find. These dog owners admire the Great Dane dog’ natural ears hence nurture the dog’ artless and floppy natural ears more viz-a-viz cropped ears.

How Much Does it Cost to Crop a Great Dane’s Ears?

The ear cropping is a well charging job for a vet. Want to know how much it would cost you if you crop your Great Dane ears??

Usually veterinary doctor would charge around $500-$600 to crop a Great Dane ears. But the Great Dane’s ear cropping cost can change with your location and also the vet you have chosen to get your Great Dane ears cropped from.

Ear Cropping Styles

The Great Dane ear cropping styles are myriad but for the Great Dane breed ear cropping here are some famous Great Dane ear cropping styles.

Pet Crop

The Great Dane pet crop ear cropping style is also called medium crop. The Great Danes with pet crop ear cropping style look nice. This Great Dane ear cropping style is simple to maintain as well.

Though, the pet crop is shortest ear cropping style, yet, it is taken as the most difficult crop style.

As the ear shape you need your Great Dane to hold is quite tough to achieve. Therefore, you need to make sure to visit a skilled vet to get your precious Great Dane ears cropped nicely and perfectly.

Long Show Crop

The long show crop style of Great Dane ear cropping is suave. The crop is favored by Great Dane owners who take Great Danes in for dog shows. This Great Dane ear cropping style produces longer and taller crops as compared to pet crop style. As it includes maintaining the Great Dane ear’ maximum natural length.

But for long crop you need to wait longer as compared to pet crop. Give more time to wrapping and posting the Great Dane long show cropped ears.


The risks are more in long show crop are more than pet crop ear cropping style. Such as, there is an increased possibility that your Great Dane ears might not stand after ear cropping surgery in long show crop.

Medium Long Crop

Medium long show crop style is also long and your Great Dane can take some time to recover completely. But usually it takes less time than Long Show crop Great Dane ear cropping style. The major difference between long show crop and medium long show crop is the length of the tip of the Great Dane ear.

If your Great Dane is medium long show cropped there’s not much long tip. Moreover, the medium long cropped ears are comparatively secure to stand.

Great Dane Ear Cropping Surgery

A professional and capable Vet is crucial to the success of Great Dane ear cropping surgery. There are various things which the vet has to analyse before performing the great Dane ear cropping surgery. Which involves;

INITIAL PHYSICAL EXAMINATION OF THE GREAT DANE DOG; To determine the current physical status of the dog.


To let him or her know any probable cons of the Great Dane ear cropping surgery. And also getting some input from the dog owner regarding what they anticipate the Great Dane dog ears to appear after Great Dane ear cropping surgery.

After evaluating everything the vet would administer anesthesia and perform the Great Dane ear cropping surgery. Bandaging and proper care after Great Dane ear cropping surgery is indispensable to the patient’s recovery.

Great Dane Ear Cropping Age

Indubitably, ear cropping is a sensitive business for your dog to deal with. In that the age is paramount to how the Great Dane ear cropping surgery would turn out. Generally, 6-8 week is optimal age for Great Dane puppies to get the ear cropping done.

And 10 weeks is the maximum age to crop the Great Dane ears. Once the Great Dane dog passes over 10 weeks it ear cartilage has developed already which suggests that ear cropping after the age of 10 weeks would not turn out well. As you would be disappointed that your Great Dane dog would never look perfect.

Besides, it takes longer to heal the older a Great Dane puppy is. Also the chances of complications after the surgery of a Great Dane to crop its ears are higher with older pups.

Above all, the ear cropping surgery would be a painful endeavor for the dog if done after 10 weeks. So crop your Great Dane ears before it gets too old to crop.


If your Great Dane dog is older and having ear infections try to find cure in its diet with the guidance of your vet.

Taking Care of Great Dane with Cropped Ears

The ear cropping process is an industrious endeavor. Great Dane dog parents are advised to take proper care of their dog’s cropped ears in order to achieve ‘the perfect look’.

  • Follow the vet’s directions and guidelines properly.

  • ‘Do as directed’ by the vet considering the cropped ears dressings, and medications.

  • The dog’s cropped ears require careful and regular cleaning.

  • Do not let the Great Dane puppy mess with its taped, cropped ears. As, the puppy might indulge in scratching its ears due to the discomfort.

  • Cleaning the cut or incision at the base of cropped ear is also advised. For the purpose you can use ear wash or peroxide. Do not overlook any scabs on the cropped ears.

  • If scabs are present on the incisions hold a warm cloth on the ears for 5-7 minutes. This would soften the blood clot cells there. Hence helping with the removal of scabs from cropped ears incisions. Moreover, do not let the bandages get wet during cleaning.

  • After washing apply antibiotic cream on the cut. The cream can be applied twice or thrice on incisions to prevent any infections.

  • Keep an eye on the Great Dane’s cropped ears for any probable infections. If you notice something unusual in the dog ears like swelling, consult the vet right away.

Ear Cropping Risks

Many problems can also stem out of the cropping process. Like other cosmetic surgeries, the Great Dane ear cropping surgery can also go wrong. Your Great Dane dog would lose its natural floppy ears for a rather flawed ear crop if the process turn out to be a blotch surgery.

It is also a fact the cropping a Dane’s ears could become a burdensome procedure for your Great Dane if you are;

  • Not apt enough to take care of your Great Dane dog for almost a year.

  • If your veterinary doctor is not expert in cropping the Dane ears.

There is also a possibility that the whole exercise might turn into a waste. Even after going through the prolonged process of ear cropping for over 10-12 months, your Great Dane ears won’t stand but are still down.

Natural Great Dane Ears

Great Dane dog holds floppy ears naturally. The dogs are already distinctive owing to their huge existence. Yet, the Great Dane dog’s natural ears are cropped to add up to the dog’ noteworthy appearance. For the Great Dane dogs, in particular, ear cropping has become an insignia of their breed.

The Great Dane natural ears admirers suggest that,

Great Dane natural ears when cropped change the appearance of the dog giving it more of an intimidating character. Which is contradictory to the Great Dane’ gentle and benign persona. On the other hand, the Great Danes natural floppy ears, furnish the dog with a genuine agreeable and friendly aura.

Nonetheless the floppy ears would not go well with a hunting dog’s profile. What do you think?

Why do Great Danes have their ears cropped?

Though, Great Dane ear cropping is a personal preference, it is observed as a usual operation in the U.S.A. In recent times, these huge dogs are getting their ears done with a different purpose than it used to be once. Today, the Great Dane dogs’ ears are cropped for mainly cosmetic reasons. Additionally, it is also forwarded that this practice of ear cropping can be a solution to the dog’ incessant ear infections.

Great Dane dogs natural ears are floppy that increments the chances of ear infections. Particularly, if you are unable to clean your Great Dane dog ears properly as a dog parent, the risks of getting ear infections would augment for your Great Dane.

There are also those whacked Great Dane dog owners who routinely groom their dogs yet their Great Danes hold ear infections. To liberate themselves and their Lovely Great Danes of such agitations, myriad of Great Dane dog parents pick Great Dane ear cropping.

Therefore, Great Dane ear cropping is to save your Great Dane dog from probable ear contagions and make the Great Dane ears cleaning simpler. Hence, it is a win win scenario for you and your Great Dane dog both.

Normal vs Cropped Great Dane

Which one looks better a Great Dane with ears up or down?

Great Dane dogs with cropped ears have upside ears. While, the Great Dane natural ears are downward. Great Dane without cropped ears normal are floppy. Great Dane without ears cropped look more natural and light-hearted. On the other hand, the Great Dane dogs with cropped ears carry a somewhat refined appearance with standing ears.

Take a look at these photos of Great Dane ears normal vs cropped.

vs cropped

Great Dane Ear Problems

A Great Dane natural ears are floppy, folded, and lingering. Leaving moisture within, coupled with ample warmth to initiate infections. These factors are generally considered primary contributors for Great Dane ear problems.

Though Great Dane cropped ears usually stand erect. Which gives the ears a structure and shape that is open to air. Hence less likely to spawn infections.


There are many other causes of Great Dane ear problems. Such as ear infections are caused due to food and diet allergies as well. Some Great Danes are allergic to kibble while some are allergic to chicken.


If your Great Dane dog is also suffering from ear problems, you must not forgo these potential Great Dane ear problems sources.

Should you Crop a Great Dane’s ears?

There are cases when Great Dane owners believe that their dogs have gotten better after going through the process of ear cropping. The dog’s ear infections have diminished and it is having a much healthy life afterwards. Above all the cropped ears furnish a Great Dane dog with elegance and sophistication as reasoned by numerous dog parents who are proponents of the practice.

Yet many vets opine that it has no influence on the Great Dane ear problems or its ear infections. The Great Dane ear infections mainly originate from some underlying allergy. Be it food or any other type of source. Not due to its natural floppy ears.

Hence, the cropping of ears helps your Great Dane or not is more of a personal experience. How your Great Dane was before and after cropping its ears.

At times infections remain even after ear cropping. And there are also Great Dane dogs who have almost zero ear problems even with Great Dane natural, floppy, down ears.

If not cropping?

If your Great Dane dog is having ear infections and you want to crop your Great Dane ears to remove its ear problems. Here is an alternative;

Get a detailed analysis of your Great Dane food with the help of your vet or breeder. It is usually chicken the Great Dane dogs are allergic to. Which causes ear infections. But there are also other things in its food which might be sourcing the Great Danes ear infections.

Use some ear cleaners recommended by your vet to clean the Great Dane ears. Organic garlic oil is also considered useful to get rid of Great Dane ear infections. Cleaning your Great Dane ears with garlic oil once in a month bears good results.

Ear Cropping and Animal Cruelty

The Great Dane dog parents who link the practice of Great Dane ear cropping with animal cruelty are also not wrong. As the amount of pain, the Great Dane dog feels in the process of ear cropping, is

unfathomable. The Great Dane dogs who had gone through the process would have to get its ears tied up for at least 6 months.

Being a Great Dane parent you must be devoted to take care of your dog properly during its recovery after an ear cropping surgery. In that any failure or if you are not dedicated enough the Great Dane might get botched ears for its lifetime.

In addition to the fact that the process to crop ears is painful for the canine. There are also instances where the dogs ended up in kennels owing to their owners desperate goals. Hence, Great Dane ear cropping can join other brutal practices under the umbrella of animal cruelty.

Notwithstanding, the purpose, when committing ear cropping you are altering natural ears of a canine. Changing dog’s ears from their innate appearance to artificial seems unjustified. As there are not any rational gains the Great Dane dog would get from ear cropping. Many countries have banned the practice of dog ear cropping, based on the controversial and dubious nature of the procedure.


The need and the benefit of ear cropping for the Great Dane dog’ also stands arguable.

* my personal thoughts;

for the record I own both crops & flops.

I have paid to have a crop preformed.

I have chosen to leave floppy.

I understand it is a bloody surgery.

I understand a spay & tack recovery is longer and more painful.

I will have more crops in the future & more floppies.

I do believe some look better with crops,

I feel heavier ears should be left floppy

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