Crop or not to crop?

The process of Ear Cropping involves complete or partial removal of external visible part of the ear called pinnae or auricles. In this cosmetic surgery, the ears are often taped to furnish them with a tip, and an erect look. Ear cropping occurs in other dog breeds besides Great Danes as well. For instance, Doberman Pinscher, and Pitbull.

Great Danes with cropped ears are common in the U.S. whilst the European Great Danes mainly display the breed’s natural floppy ears.

There are quite a number of Great Dane dog parents and canine lovers who disapprove of ear cropping practice. Regarding it as a questionable and unethical norm. Therefore, the adherents find it cruel and brutal to crop Great Dane ears. For many others, the process might relieve the dog of many ear related issues such as infections, in addition to sprucing up its appearance. As cropped ears are easier to clean as compared to the dog’s naturally floppy ears.

Besides, the people who love and adore Great Dane natural ears are also frequent to find. These dog owners admire the Great Dane dog’ natural ears hence nurture the dog’ artless and floppy natural ears more viz-a-viz cropped ears.

How Much Does it Cost to Crop a Great Dane’s Ears?

The ear cropping is a well charging job for a vet. Want to know how much it would cost you if you crop your Great Dane ears??

Usually veterinary doctor would charge around $500-$600 to crop a Great Dane ears. But the Great Dane’s ear cropping cost can change with your location and also the vet you have chosen to get your Great Dane ears cropped from.

Ear Cropping Styles

The Great Dane ear cropping styles are myriad but for the Great Dane breed ear cropping here are some famous Great Dane ear cropping styles.

Pet Crop

The Great Dane pet crop ear cropping style is also called medium crop. The Great Danes with pet crop ear cropping style look nice. This Great Dane ear cropping style is simple to maintain as well.

Though, the pet crop is shortest ear cropping style, yet, it is taken as the most difficult crop style.

As the ear shape you need your Great Dane to hold is quite tough to achieve. Therefore, you need to make sure to visit a skilled vet to get your precious Great Dane ears cropped nicely and perfectly.

Long Show Crop

The long show crop style of Great Dane ear cropping is suave. The crop is favored by Great Dane owners who take Great Danes in for dog shows. This Great Dane ear cropping style produces longer and taller crops as compared to pet crop style. As it includes maintaining the Great Dane ear’ maximum natural length.

But for long crop you need to wait longer as compared to pet crop. Give more time to wrapping and posting the Great Dane long show cropped ears.


The risks are more in long show crop are more than pet crop ear cropping style. Such as, there is an increased possibility that your Great Dane ears might not stand after ear cropping surgery in long show crop.

Medium Long Crop

Medium long show crop style is also long and your Great Dane can take some time to recover completely. But usually it takes less time than Long Show crop Great Dane ear cropping style. The major difference between long show crop and medium long show crop is the length of the tip of the Great Dane ear.

If your Great Dane is medium long show cropped there’s not much long tip. Moreover, the medium long cropped ears are comparatively secure to stand.

Great Dane Ear Cropping Surgery

A professional and capable Vet is crucial to the success of Great Dane ear cropping surgery. There are various things which the vet has to analyse before performing the great Dane ear cropping surgery. Which involves;

INITIAL PHYSICAL EXAMINATION OF THE GREAT DANE DOG; To determine the current physical status of the dog.


To let him or her know any probable cons of the Great Dane ear cropping surgery. And also getting some input from the dog owner regarding what they anticipate the Great Dane dog ears to appear after Great Dane ear cropping surgery.

After evaluating everything the vet would administer anesthesia and perform the Great Dane ear cropping surgery. Bandaging and proper care after Great Dane ear cropping surgery is indispensable to the patient’s recovery.

Great Dane Ear Cropping Age

Indubitably, ear cropping is a sensitive business for your dog to deal with. In that the age is paramount to how the Great Dane ear cropping surgery would turn out. Generally, 6-8 week is optimal age for Great Dane puppies to get the ear cropping done.

And 10 weeks is the maximum age to crop the Great Dane ears. Once the Great Dane dog passes over 10 weeks it ear cartilage has developed already which suggests that ear cropping after the age of 10 weeks would not turn out well. As you would be disappointed that your Great Dane dog would never look perfect.