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Guardian programs are used by a lot of breeders. They are a way to give a dog in the breeding program the best life possible, with as much love as they each deserve. This in return allows us as breeders to continue to add quality dogs (danes in our case)to our program. With this neither us or them are being outnumbered or overwhelmed by the number of dogs under one roof. We want each dog in our program to be one of the family and to be spoiled as much as possible. The guardian home program is an excellent situation for the dog, it is a great deal for guardian parents, and is ideal for producing an exceptional Great Dane breeding program. It is one of those "win - win" situations for everyone involved. The family receives a quality, top pick dog for their forever pet, we are able to improve the breed by using only the best, and the reason we incorporate a guardian program -- the dog lives in a forever home, receiving one-on-one attention, training and appropriate care.


A guardian puppy/dog is placed with a local family at a reduced cost (around $200-500). The benefits to the Guardian family are they receive a top-quality puppy/dog, that must meet the strictest requirements to be in our breeding program, for such a low cost. They are also offered discounts on grooming, boarding, etc. Plus, they get compensated for each litter produced (female). The puppy/dog may also has a large panel of genetic tests done at the Breeder's expense.

The benefit to A DIRTROAD DANE is we will never be overcrowded or have to have any sort of kennel dogs. We prefer to only have an amount of adult dogs that we can give plenty of time and attention to. The guardian puppy/ dog is benefited because they receive all the attention they could ever want from their permanent Guardian Home.


Once the guardian dog is of breeding age and on her second to third heat cycle she would come stay with us to be bred for around a week or two. She is then returned to her guardian family where she will stay for the duration of her pregnancy until the week before her due date (56 days).

A week before her due date she would come back to our home to deliver, raise, and wean her puppies for 6-7 weeks. We pay for all pregnancy-related veterinary expenses and testing. Not only is the guardian home getting the original puppy for a very reduced price, but they are also compensated for each litter. The amount of litters the guardian dog will have is dependent on the female. When she completes her breeding obligations, she is to be spayed at your expense, and she continues to enjoy the wonderful life you have provided for her throughout the rest of her retirement .


A male guardian dog is much more simpler than a female. He is only needed for 3-6 days at time for breeding purposes, and then will be returned to his guardian family. If doing artificial insemination, he can even be returned the same day. Males are typically retired around 6 years old, and his neuter surgery will be your expense.



When the Guardian dog goes into estrus (heat), the Guardian Family is required to contact us immediately. An intact female has a heat cycle that lasts between 10 and 21 days every 6-8 months. We will keep a female for 1-2weeks while she is being bred. Once she has been bred, she will be returned to and remain with her Guardian Family during her pregnancy (63 days) then a week before her due date, she comes back to stay with us so that we can help her to deliver her puppies. They will all remain with us while she raises and weans her puppies. Guardian puppies/ dogs may be any age, but most likely will be around 8 weeks old. During the first year & a half, we will have most of her/his genetic health testing completed. Once we receive the test results we decide whether or not the guardian dog will enter our breeding program officially. If a dog does not pass testing or it's decided that he/she will not be added to our program the guardian family will be offered full ownership of the dog and he/she will be spayed/neutered at the breeder's expense. If you’re receiving a Guardian Home Puppy or Young Adult, we will require a visit to our guardians home every few months during the first year to assess the puppy, as well as, build a relationship with him/her for the future.

Guardian Homes Must Have The Following:

  • Own their own home (Desired, but not required)

  • Live within 1-3 hrs of me.

  • Not work more than 6 days outside the home (Preference given to people staying/working at home)

  • Prior dog ownership experience

  • Vet reference preferred

  • Have a fully fenced yard (Desired, but not required)

  • Take puppy through at least one obedience class

  • Provide proper veterinary care, grooming, vaccinations and heartworm preventative

  • Feed a good dog Food (will discuss)

  • Notify breeder when female begins her heat cycle

  • Not allow the female to be around intact males during heat cycle

  • Not allow a guardian male to breed other females without breeder permission!!

  • Ensure that the puppy is well socialized with (sights sounds smells) people and other dogs

An interview and then a walk through of your home is also required before you can be accepted as a guardian home.

If you think you would be interested in being a Guardian Home please fill out a screening questionnaire on our website.


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