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Hello 2023!

Hope everyone enjoyed their 2022 holidays.

Now as we sail right on into this new year, we are already planning for our first litter. Pearl and Renegade will be paired this first full weekend in January. If it all goes smoothly will will be welping puppies the 2nd weekend in March.

Pearl is our heavy marked harlequin beauty, Rene is our adorable lilac tan point. The combination of these to could give us ANY or all of the following; Solids, Merles and/or Harlequins in standard, blue, chocolate and/or lilac. 🤗 THIS IS WHY WE ARE SO EXCITED. (We literally purchased Rene specifically for Pearl!)

I am at Full Capacity right now with the number of Danes I can personally handle. So I may be looking for a couple of guardian homes for Chocolate babies. (Still have 1-2 girls that are housebroken & crate trained that could be put in local homes)

Along with this Spring litter, I am also going to be headed to Columbus IN once a month or so with Aragon for conformation training- so we can start his show career! On top of that 🥴 I will be offering obedience classes and 1-1 private lessons. This year I am hitting the ground running!

⬇️ what are your plans for this year⬇️ comment below. And lets support one another to reach our goals!!

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