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MY PUP powered by purina

Personalized, Weekly Guidance

That Lasts a Lifetime!!!

Train, learn and grow together with My Pup

My Pup can help with:

Potty & Crate Training

Teething, Chewing & Managing Energy

Health & Nutrition

Made Just For You

It feels like you and your pup are made for each other. Get a guide made just for you. Download the app, answer a few questions and we’ll give you a personalized, breed-specific guide to your pup’s first year.

Week-to-Week Guidance

Take the guesswork out of puppyhood with in-depth info from our dedicated team of experts and behaviorists. Get articles, videos, as well as weekly reminders and help with scheduling and encouragement.

Be a Confident Pup Parent

Whether it’s your first puppy or a new addition to the family, My Pup is a comprehensive guide with the latest info and new tricks to help you proceed with confidence.

Download here


For Android

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