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Only a few left for 2022

All of the Bell Island & Boozie Bunch babies have been homed!! There are a few Shark Babies left

Angel was my pick puppy at birth. She has beautiful dark markings. So unquie.

Caribbean has the cutest merle face and wrinkled eye brows !! A good looking girl! And right now I am a bit partial to her looks!!

Thesher is the ONLY boy available!! He is the smallest, right now, can not promise that he won't be 160 like his grandpa on mommy's side or 150 like his Daddy either. But He will definitely be worth watching!

Mako has a beautiful eye/ear set! She reminds me so much of her momma! Will be interested to see if she ends up matching her mom on size!

If you are wanting a puppy and to get them potty trained before winter sets in, NOW is the time! We won't have more til 2023.

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