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Paw Protection

Dogs paws are pretty tough. They are built for a dog's needs. In the winter, the paw pads act like the skin of a penguin, keeping the dog warm even in sub zero temperatures. Harsh conditions can harm a dog's paws however in cases of extreme temperatures. In the summer, asphalt can get hot enough to cook eggs depending on your local living conditions reaching temperatures of 140 degrees or more.

In the winter, people sprinkle salt on sidewalks to melt snow and ice. In each of these cases it is necessary to protect your dog's paws. You may see our service dogs sporting a good pair of shoes and this is why. If you and your dog spend most of your time on natural surfaces like dirt paths, trails or grass, these things are not necessary.

People ask me what I like better - boots or paw wax.

winter - summer - all weather - BOOTS

I have tried both on my dogs. Boots take a little extra time to put on but if you get a good pair, they stay on well and do a wonderful job of protecting your pup's paws. Introduce the boots one paw at a time letting your puppy walk around with the one boot to get comfortable with it. Then begin adding the other boots. The best way to quickly eliminate the "boot dance" (which can be rather entertaining to watch) is to engage your puppy in a game of fetch, tug, or something they love to do! Their mind quickly diverts from the objects on their feet to the fun they are having with you.

Pawdicures - dry noses - extreme temps

I really like the paw wax as well. It is quick to wipe on all four paws and my dogs’ feet are in great condition. Simply pick up each paw and rub across the round jar, coating the entire surface of each one. In the winter the wax really helps prevent snowball buildup in between your pups pads and keeps the pads from drying out or cracking. In the summertime the wax creates a barrier to keep pads from burning or blistering. The wax wears off so if you are outside for a long period of time, you may need to reapply. Especially in the summer. I found it doesn't get my house messy because of the fact that it does wear off. I was worried about sticky floors, but I don’t have any issues.

Whichever route you choose to use, make sure you choose one if you live in an area with extreme temperatures where your dog will be spending extended periods of time on concrete. Let's keep our pups healthy and safe.

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