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When you get a 8 to 12 week old puppy,

keep in mind these images!

His bones don't even touch yet. They walk great, with large flexible legs and wobbly moves because their joints are composed of muscles, tendons and ligaments covered in skin. Nothing fits right or has a real grip yet. 🦴

When overworked or unrestricted exercise, or No one to keep the puppy from doing too much during this time, it doesn't give your baby the opportunity to grow their bones properly.

Every big jump or bounce race causes bone impacts and in reasonable small amounts, it's not problematic. That is just normal use to which every animal is committed.

But when you let the puppy jump up and down the couch in the living room or bed, you take him for long long walks or runs, you damage that joint during that training.

A well-formed body is something that comes from excellent parenting and education, BOTH, not just one.

Once he grows up, you'll have the rest of his life to play rough and perform high-impact exercises with him. So keep calm while they're still small puppies and give them the gift that can only be given once.

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