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Socializing Your Great Dane

Socializing your Great Dane is important to ensure a well-behaved pet. It is important to start socialization early in life; typically soon after their first round of puppy shots. You don’t want to introduce them to strangers and other dogs before they have been immunized.

Begin socialization with daily walks and leash training. Teaching your Dane to walk politely on a leash is going to be essential for future socialization. Try to do this in a quiet neighborhood or park where there are few distractions. You want your Dane to be able to focus on the training and not be distracted by other people or dogs. It may take several weeks to train your puppy to heel, but once he has learned this important skill you will be able to take him out in public more easily and safely.

(Until then you could do what Jen did above, find a cart to push your pup in his crate through busy cities for socializing.)

Once your Dane is well behaved on a leash start taking him on short excursions to the pet store or the park where he will be around people and other animals. When meeting new people always ask your Dane to sit. You want him to respect others.

Try to introduce him to a variety of people and other animals. You want him to meet men and women as well as children and babies. Use treats to reward him for polite behavior and so that he learns to view meeting people as a positive experience.

Ideally, you want to expose your Dane to a variety of environments to. Urban environments, parks, bodies of water, farms, etc. You’ll also want to introduce him to a variety of experiences as well. Vehicle traffic, strollers, bikes, wheelcahirs and skateboards are good examples of things he should be made comfortable around.

You might also consider taking him to a dog park or obedience classes where he will have the opportunity to meet a variety of other dogs. Be sure to pay close attention to how he reacts to other dogs and how they react to him.

In the end, your Dane will be much more comfortable around other animals, new people, and different environments if he is properly socialized starting when you get him.

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