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Why do dogs pee when excited?

Dogs often pee when excited. This is surprisingly a widespread dog’s behavior. Why do dogs pee when excited? There are a few different reasons behind the dribbling urine behavior of puppies in excitement.

A Great Dane accidentally dribbling pee? what, oh no I am shocked!

1. Puppy Age:

At a puppy age, a pup may not have control over their urinary sphincter. So, when your puppy gets excited, he may not be able to hold its urine.

2. Submissive behavior:

Submissive behavior is the most common cause of dog urination when getting excited.

According to pet experts, Many times, when your dogs meet a new person, dog, or unfamiliar situation, they become excited, and it leads your puppy to submissive behavior.

And your dog urinates in the excitement.

3. Signal of underlying medical issue:

One of the reasons behind the inappropriate urination may be an underlying medical issue.

If your pup suddenly starts the behavior frequently, contact your vet to find any medical case.

The possible reasons for the urination in excitement might be a urinary tract infection, diabetes, kidney issues, and toxin exposure.

4. Lack of proper house training:

According to pet experts, puppy age training is the most vital age to house-train your pup.

Some pets lack house-training, and Many dogs, even older ones, may urinate when excited.

Note that it can be challenging for every dog to hold urine during times of excitement, but a proper potty train will make your dogs able to urinate in a specific spot.

Adopted puppies may also have behaviors like excited urination based on behaviors learned at a much earlier age.

Sometimes if your dogs feel fear or stress or suffering from anxiety. Then the dog suddenly peeing when excited. 6. Due to pregnancy: The sudden urination in excitement is most common in pregnant doggies. The pregnancy condition affects the dog’s hormones and results in unusual urination in unusual places, especially in the excitement. 7. Incontinence due to old age: Like puppies, the old age dogs cannot control their urinary sphincter. So, they also face the problem of submissive urination. How do you stop a dog from peeing when excited? The first thing every pet expert suggested to develop or stop a behavior in your furry friend is early training.

To fix submission urination in dogs, train and teach your dog commands to stop or hold the peeing and reward them if he/she follows your instructions.

  • If you notice that the peeing in excitement began suddenly, contact your vet if there is an underlying medical issue.

  • Do not make direct eye contact with your dog as this is a sign of dominance approach your dog from the side.

  • Don’t make a loud noise, exuberant baby talk, and rough petting in front of your dog.

  • While petting starts from under the chin rather than the top of the head.

  • Make sure frequent potty breaks, especially before stimulating events, to minimize the submissive urination

  • Take your dog out the door to relive itself when you come back home.

  • Don’t Forget to reward and praise your pup when it pees in the appropriate spot.

  • Remember that Excitement and submissive urination are not voluntary, so Don’t punish your puppy for piddling. Because it can lead your pup to dog anxiety and depression

Conclusion Why do dogs pee when excited? The excitement and submissive urination are not voluntary. There might be some possible causes of the behavior. Examples include Puppy Age, submissive behavior, health issues, old age, fear, stress, etc. Train your pup to stop the action and contact your vet if the problem becomes worse.

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