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Our Puppies First Week

Ever wonder what we actually do during the first week of our puppies lives?

Births are never done alone! We are there every step of the way, labor coach during contractions, to opening sacs, stimulating first breaths, cutting cords, documenting weights and markings and sex to track their growth. The whole Labor process can take an average of 24 hours from first puppy to last. then there is check that each pup can latch and suckle. Maintain their body heat, and that momma can stimulate them to potty. We record weight daily for the first week, working 1 on 1 with those needing a little help and bottle feed any who may need more help.

Believe it or not Socialization begins here. when we pick them up for weights, they are learning about touch, how we smell even. Any time we handle them we want to watch their reactions to being startled, manipulated and handled  we do not want to be rough, but we also do not want to be to gentle either. All that happens just during their first week, before their eyes or ears are even open.

Now can you image what all goes in to the next 9 weeks? There is Puppy Culture, Rules of 7, Volhard's aptitude evealuation,crate training, potty training; pellets to bells, all the while SOCIALIZING!!


We do this to ensure we are always producing the best quality of puppies we can. All the while learning their personality and behaviors, to be sure to pair you with the perfect puppy.

To learn more about us or to inquire about available Great Danes, please contact us.

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