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Welcome to our training page, created in partnership with New Life Animal Haven, a non-profit rescue dedicated to serving the community and the animals in it. Our training programs will take you and your furry friend on a six-week journey, where they'll learn new and useful skills while strengthing your bond.


No age restrictions.
this is a year round club. Each month we will pick a location to walk, hike, or possibly fetch. in the nicer months we might make an afternoon of it with a picnic lunch or a star lit stroll. In the icy cold months we will meet in my barn if need be, Rural King, Lowes, Tractor Supply Co. or another Dog friendly location if we can not get in a few miles outside.

We will choose our locations & activities as a club. We can walk at local charity walks, carnivals, and/or street fairs (and use it as practice for CGCU even).


No age restrictions.
In this 6 week course, your dog will learn to sit, down, stay, come, heel on a leash, leave it, and touch.  Once you have completed basic with a qualifying score we can move on to the intermediate level. 


No age restrictions.

 This is a 6 week course, your dog will learn to be a Good Citizen out in public.  the class meets one night a week for 6 weeks. Upon completion you & your dog will be evaluated on a 10 skill Pass/Fail Test. when you can then send in our papers to AKC for your CGC title. 


Designed for dogs under one year of age.

STAR puppy, you & your puppy spend 6 weeks learning to sit, down, stay and walking nicely on a leash.  CGC and/or Basic Obedience are a shoe in after STAR.  The choice is yours though I recommend STAR, CGC, Basic Obed, CGCA &U, then intermediate Obed, 


Trick night is where you can bring your dog and they can learn a singular trick. This class is designed to help builds a close bond between the dog and the handler. It is a great way to to spend an hour with your pet. once you have 10 tricks learned you can try for the Trick title.

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