Meet Our Danes

 Here at Dirt Road we take pride in our breeding program, and have a top notch puppy rearing program that out shines the competition. In order to achieve that standard, we must first start by bringing in some puppies. We color test them to see what they carry. Spend TWO years scrutinizing over their structure, modeling good behaviors and mapping out their future. Then at the age of two we can  do their  health testing  then they are ready for their first litter .


Dirt Road Males

Our Handsome Gents


This is the ONE that started it all!!  Rumble is a spoiled brat!! He loves to go everywhere we go. The farm store, off road parks, camping, swimming, etc. He has even followed me into the Doctor’s office and a gas station, ask me about those stories!! He loves to be pampered, if I color my hair purple, he wants and gets purple ears.  When I forget to lock the bathroom door he demands to be in the shower too!!

 He is well mannered when away from home.  He doesn't have to be leashed while camping. Enjoys the hikes, chasing frogs in the water, and laying by the fire too. Rumble sports a docked tail due to his Happy Happy tail! He has produced Blues in merle mantle and solids. Rumble is avalible for live cover. He has been color tested. He is double kb & doesn't carry any goodies - so blue merle w/KB/KB

He will probably be retiring by end of 2023.



There’s no doubt Renegade is growing  into a big ole teddy-bear. He has a desire for full eye contact, a craving for physical praise over treats. Then there is his inquisitive nature and sweet loving  personality.  He just loves everyone, and is so good with baby puppies! Rene is developing a beautiful head and is just stunning with the lilac and tan points!
He is Proven, and avaible for live cover. Color test shows he carries for blue and harlequin. He will definitely be our rising star!! OFA will be started at 2yrs, just so I can brag him up even more!!


Sammy is ONE of a KIND. 'ten second sam!'

 He can usually be found playing or sleeping belly up. Now if company comes by then he will show off  with his full Tiger Swagger!  He is a blue brindle that carries piebald & tan point and comes from some heavy thick lines. Sam is available for live cover. He is a very laid back, and mellow Gentle Giant!


Our Gorgeous Girls


ReBella, has that thicker, droopier, famous ""euro'''  look. From the moment we brought her home, she has been melting hearts with those eyes. She loves people, all people from the lil grandbabies to the biggest stranger! She is definitely a social butterfly. Bella will take your arm or hand in her mouth and just hold it as her way of showing affection. She prefers the cooler temps over the heat. Re'Bella is known as a pavement princess for her jeep rides and prefers to just stay home and be a couch queen when the rest of us go camping!  Bella has proven to be a GREAT momma .  With 1 or 2 more litters she will be retiring in 2023 to our official  Couch Queen here at Dirt Road.



She may be a Lady but she lacks elegance!

 She may be small but she makes her presence known. She is the sister to our Sammy, she came to us after spending her first year being a coon hunting dane. She can keep up with my boys...maybe even out run them. She is full of energy, yet enjoys the leisure life of a dane. She carried TP and possibly Pie

Lil Mz Blaze

Her name isn't "DirtRoad's Knuckle & Buckle Beeches!" for nothing, She is as rough and tumble as her daddy and is as big as  any of our males! She loves to explore and reek havoc on the toy-box, but then after she exerts all that energy she turns into a full on lovey snuggle bug! She was born as Big as the males in the litter and has continued to match them inch for inch and pound for pound. Blaze is a double Kb. And resides in a wonderful Guardian Home.



  We love all our Great Danes at Dirt Road Danes, but Pearl is one of the most beautiful, eye catching girls of this breed. She has a wonderfully cheeky disposition that compliments her majesty demeanor perfectly.  Well with a pinch of down home country girl. Color tested: single KB, carries chocolate & blue 

will start some of her OFA testing when she is 2 yrs old.


Watch out she could put a spell on you with those eyes!!  Voodoo  has some beautiful 'smoke line' markings on her face, I could stare at her all day!
She has got to be one of the most bouncy kangaroo type of Great Dane we have ever seen. She has a wonderfully goofy disposition that compliments her clumsiness perfectly.



Izzy belongs to Breanna. She lives with 2 little human sisters and 3 other danes friends. She is over 4 yrs old, about 125lbs, with a solid but petite frame. She is a Lilac Harlequin. She was acquired from a retiring breeder, who bred her once and said she was a sweet momma.  Izzy is now leaning what life inside a house with a family is like.


More Pictures of our Dane Family!