Upcoming Litters

  We have a litter of 12 currently. DOB 6/14/22  Rumble x Bella gave us 9 beautiful blues and 3 blue merles. newborn photos up on available puppies pages.

We have another litter of 6. DOB 6/27/22, Renegade X Izzy. She gave us 1lilac harlequin, 1lilacbrindlequin,  2 lilac brindles, 2lilacs.

We JUST had our 3rd litter (not in same home) lol Sammy X Blaze gave us 8 blue merles and 1 solid blue.

We will expecting another litter in September, Blues and Blacks.

Then our last litter of 2022 should be blue brindle point and tan points, possibly blue fawns / blue brindles.

 Fill out a screening application now, to see if we have available spots on our waitlist.

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Please keep in mind;

We have a very a limited amount of AKC great Dane puppies each year. As a Great Dane Breeder, we are passionate about our puppies! We spend TWO years raising the Dam &/or Sire. We hand raise each puppy, and pluck the best parts of all the puppy rearing programs to create our own elite program, We then dedicate 8-16 hours a day with each litter of puppies for 10 weeks, (that's OVER 560 hours minimum for each litter. Just like with Newborn Humans) There for we do not produce large quantities of puppies each year.

So if you do not see what you are looking for  just know We do offer a wait list prior to our litters, for those who are willing to wait for the perfect hand raised AKC registered Great Dane Puppy! Please fill out the Screening application to get started. After it is submitted we will be in touch for a more in depth conversation on what exactly you are looking for.

$200 waitlist, $300 Reserve pup $1500-$1700 at pick up.

puppies are $2000-$2200ltd AKC

            SUMMER 2022

We have a few litters coming up this summer. 1st pairing of the season was 4-13-22. followed by our 2nd momma on 4-22-22. since there are now two of us working together, we can add two more litters to the plan.. 

We are just doing 1 waitlist you can tell me the color you prefer and the sex, and once personalities are determined, We will tell you a little about the available pups and you can then pick yours based on you position on our list. if the first litter is Blue and you are set on a Lilac, you just say pass and you STAY on list moving closer to the top, when next batch is available we go thru the remaining names on the list. We are NOT doing a list for each color as that would become confusing when we have multiple colors/patterns in a litter. Plus this gives people a chance to look at colors they might not have thought about before.

So go a head and fill out the screening app to see about gettingon our list.

Screen Shot 2022-01-17 at 2.23.51 AM.png

Litter Coming soon!

Re'Bella Callie and maybe Blaze babies

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