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About Dirt Road Danes

We are Heather and Craig, the Owners of Dirt Road Danes, based in Southern Indiana. We have taken something which started as a personal passion and turned it into a family breeding business. We breed our Great Danes to have friendly dispositions and fit in seamlessly as incredible family pets.

We both have been around animals our entire lives, both being active in 4-H as children, Craig showing livestock and myself focusing solely on 4-H dog club, going on to be their leader/trainer, and even gaining a couple AKC titles. We had both been looking into Danes before we even met, so after we got married, we began seriously hunting for one. We acquired our first Dane in 2018 and we have been adding to our collection ever since.

We know how special this breed is and the endless amount of joy they have brought to our home, now we want to help other people have that same feeling. Our goal is to help families find the perfect Dane. We temperament test all our puppies and screen our families. we are looking to see which puppy fits with what family! Then we focus on creating a bond between you and your future Dane as strong as possible from the start of your journey with us. We do this by taking plenty of pictures and videos for you, calling your puppy by the name you have chosen, and we make sure that you are as comfortable as possible communicating with one or both of us. Also providing as much conversation time as we can to build a bond between us, for our babies! This allows the transition from our loving home into yours be as easy as possible.

Here at DirtRoad, our Danes are more than just dogs. They are our FAMILY, and we are breeders that have a huge passion for finding our pups their perfect families.. Whether they are to be a family dog, Jeep Dane, a fishing/camping companion, professional puppy, emotional support best friend or whatever you are looking for in a Dane, we want to help and pair you with the PERFECT puppy.
We breed for excellence temperaments and outstanding personalities that fit just about any lifestyles. To ensure this, we pride ourselves on “no kennel dogs”, as all our Danes are part of the family. (Meaning we do not have any that live in a kennel 24/7) We strive to breed the best Danes we can, educate new owners and ensure these precious creatures get the love, care and attention they deserve.

We have collaborated with a few different breeders along the way, but we have seemed to have joined forces with ABR Kennels, in Ky. Owner of ABR; Dawn, and I have very similar ethics and morals with our Danes. Above all else though, we share the same NO Drama policy.
Now it just feels natural to be entering into a breeding friendship/partnership. Where we can help each other out, with questions, concerns, new methods, and collaboration with litters to. 

To learn more about our Danes, breeding program, training methods, or to inquire about available Danes, continue exploring our site and feel free to contact us.
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