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I was holding my breath & crossing my fingers for this pregnancy to be confirmed. Those who know me well. know that Pearl was picked out before her eyes were even opened!

Then we sought out Renegade and brought him home just for Pearl!

The two of them have been thought everything together- from crate training, to ear posting, to obedience work.

Craig is in love with the chocolate mantles and I eventually want a tan pointed chocolate merle or harlequin out of my own lines. Which starts from these two beautiful creatures right here!!

Renegade has gifted me with Aragon... and I am beyond thrilled with his structure AND personality!! So I am very excited to see what Pearl brings to thru!

I have 3 families on the paid wait list and a few more watching to see if we get what they want, so this litter is gonna go fast! (And we only got 1 breeding at the end of her cycle- so probably be a smaller litter this time) So if might want to jump over to good dog (link below)

And get on our waitlist. If you are interested- but Not Just Yet you can apply for waitlist of her next litter instead of this one.

Well Pregnant Pearl is craving an Orange 🍊 so I am gonna go indulge her now 😉

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