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Avoiding scams

With so many scam artists out there, how do you know if you are talking to a legitimate breeder?

Let's dive into how to find the right breeder to get a puppy from. Social media platforms such as Facebook seems to be a very popular place to start. (We are gonna assume you have already done research on the breed you want. So you know the health risks, temperment, adult size, and any grooming requirements)

So now you log into Facebook to start looking. First there are several groups dedicated to each breed. We are going to use Great Danes as our example here (of course 😉 because I have been/ still am in a lot of their fb groups)

Now there are a few ways of starting out;

1. Post an "In Search Of" type post and see who replies.

2. Scroll through all the posts on puppies available. And comment on ones you like.

3. (My preferred way) Scroll through 2-3 groups and watch what Names pop up most often, and see what topics they are talking about. Then message some of them. See what breeders are on their friend list- message them too. Ask about their program, how they pick their breeding stock, the puppy curriculum, contracts etc.

Okay so now you have a handful puppy breeders with in traveling distance from you. Hopefully you have weeded out ANY that didn't sit right with your gut feeling- TRUST THAT INTUITION!

Now you should have their name and maybe photos of some of their breeding stock. Time to do some more research. Does the breeder have a badge from did they have a TellTail scamfree badge? Yes? Good Look them up there. No? Well, You have been told their dogs are AKC . So, Look up said dogs on AKC website, or if they said they do testing go look on OFA website. Go to their breeding website or Facebook page. Read any reviews, message one or two of the people who left a review ask how transaction with breeder went, ask about the puppy they got. (Who doesn't love to brag on thei four legged friend?)

WAIT? Are they bugging you about sending a little money to hold a pup? If so DITCH THEM! That is a NO NO and major red flag. A good breeder will not hound you for a deposit. We will have already explained no puppy can be reserved w/o a deposit- but we will let you reach out when you are ready.

Sorry but there are not enough hours in the day to hound "potential buyers" we have feeding, cleaning, training, socializing& record keeping to do with our litter of puppies ON TOP of all our other daily responsibilities.

Ok so now you have it narrowed down to a fee breeders you feel are legit. Time to find the one you really do click with! Follow them, ask them questions, comment on their doggy photos. It is extremely important (in my opinion) to work with a breeder you resonate with. They are gonna be your "go to" for the next 8-12 years!!! I always go to my breeders for questions- usually before my veterinarians! Typically they have "been there, dealt with it, or seen it, heard of it, or know someone who has. This helps You gain knowledge and experience to help you dog.

Ok so now you should have TWO breeders you click with, and feel comfortable talking with, and even share some opinions about the breed. Now is when you get to pick out that FURever puppy. Look at what they have available, and ask about up coming litters. Ask about their wait list, deposit, go home ages, any and all assessments, health checks, and anything else you can think of to due with the puppies and the process of picking out one of theirs to picking them up and beyond.

And choose whose list you want to go on, and get added. Enjoy the journey with them on mating, pregnancy, whelping, picking out a pup, weekly pupdates. And have NO regrets on your puppy!!

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