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So as you all know, I LOVE go home days! I love seeing the families light up when they see their new puppy. I love watching the puppies body language when interacting.

However today’s delivery was a special one, this unification touched my soul deeply. Our Island puppy “Outer Banks” became Murphy oh about a month ago (give or take a few days).

Today He will begin his journey of preparing to be a service dog!! A lot of facilities don’t like training Danes as SD due to shorter life span… but Someone else out there also felt a Dane WOULD make a great one! She even tried with a shelter Dane. (But as a Dane Lovers, we know “Great”Danes don’t stay in shelters) So she reached out to me about a puppy. A little nervous as she had never raised a young puppy.

Of course he cannot be used for mobility for a good 18months..but he CAN however BOND to her and grow up with her lifestyle! The BIG City Hustle & Bustle, learn to be an Apartment Pup, begin to adapt to her physical limitations and the ups & downs of having good days and not so great days.

The bond they will have when they finally begin formal training will be amazing! As he will already know HER!

To know I got to be a part of making this happen for not only for her but for one of my puppies and getting to follow their journey just makes my heart HAPPY!! So happy in fact that Craig & I donated the transport fees & fuel costs towards Murphy’s training!

So stay tuned, for updates on their new journey as I will share with you each one I get!

TODAY is one of the reasons I do what I do!!!

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