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6 wks old

Where has the time gone? Seems like just last week Bella’s babies were born! Now they are in their new room.

They have been “babies” for last 6 weeks. Now they get to be Puppies! Meaning; they have been moved to a new unfamiliar area of my home. I have gotten to see their response to that unfamiliarity.. Now I am introducing them to the toenail grinder.(sound, vibration, sitting still & feeling file down their nails) Last night it started raining, so Spotify played them some thunder storms… and then the BIG storm hit here… thunder shook the house & knocked out the power. when Power came back on I quietly snuck the door open, a few were rolling around playing together and majority of them were asleep. So the storm didn’t seem to bother them too much. We will really start pushing the potty training over the next week. We have 2 crates set up, a small single one and a larger one. So they are experiencing what its like to sleep alone in a crate. I am soaking up as much as I can of these little Island babies! I will admit I was afraid- very afraid to have this litter- first puppies on the ground and the Devastating loss last summer!! Parvo is an UGLY virus and it stoled more that just my puppies, it stoled a huge chunk of my heart. But we were diligent in bleaching all surfaces- including the side & front yard too. We limed the yard daily for the first 2 months after our loss. Then I did it weekly till the snow came, and weekly again once the ground thawed. I am rambling! My point is these babies are now the same age as my others were when they started passing away. I was quiet last week as my “People’s Choice” babies were 5 weeks when I started seeing the symptoms. And 6 weeks when they were passing away.. So I was holding my breath, I was watching for any gooey eyes, any gagging…etc.. Now we are at a new milestone. I’ve been accused of being cold hearted for even having another litter… but we have taken the precaution, not to mention we have brought other pups home. Most with 1 dose of parvo prevention in them.. Raja has now had 3 doses and Aragon & Kyanite have had 2, Islanders have received their first! So many personal wins for us here at DirtRoad!

So with this confession out there now, we will now start posting photos MORE often. Their baby acne/ clogged hair follicles has subsided greatly, since getting off purèe food and on to soggy food. Now we are just waiting for their hair to grow back in ;) (FYI: Bacteria sits on their head/face - usually from wiping their mouths off on each other)

If you are still reading this, PLEASE comment! A thumbs up 👍, a smile 😁 ANYTHING, so I know who is actually following the blog posts. Thank you in advance! Heather @ DirtRoadDanes

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