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Sorry if it feels like I've been MIA! I picked up a 2nd job outside the home as Dog food prices keep rising!! We have been slimming down here! I found great guardian homes for Two of the younger girls. We skipped Voodoo's cycle and only bred Pearl- between the ify market and increased prices out there.

But Pearl is getting pleasantly plump!! We will whelp these babies in the middle of the living room - As Pearl just isn't the type to hang out in the whelping room's peace and quiet- but will prefer to be in the center of the family goings on! Soo next week will begin the moving the XXL dog bed (queen size mattress) out to make room for her whelping box. That means until the puppies are ready to start mush food they will camp in the livingroom!! Once they start the eat and 💩 and 💩 and eat again, they will move to whelping room.

So I just wanted to drop in and give a personal update!! Oh make that ⬇️ "We" ⬇️

she nudged my arm as I was typing.. so guess she wanted acknowledged to haha

Feel free to reach out to me anytime- I am just a message away!

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