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Rumble went in at 7:45 this morning for a tail amputation. Craig has just left to go pick him back up. Way back in Nov 2020 Rumble was soo Happy to see Kade returning for Winter break from colleg, but in the mists of his excitement smacked his tail into something Not so giving and cracked it wide open. This week we finally admitted the vet was right we could not heal it and keep it healed. We came close a couple of times! But last week we noticed him beginning to BITE at it- not a good sign, then it swelled way up and was hot to the touch. Today we said good bye to the whip end of the tail. We decided to go just below the taper so he has enough tail to wag, but hopefully not enough to re-injure. Will update as the heal proceeds and I will add a photo or two on FB or Instagram.

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