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Can you stand/walk on pavement barefoot? Why would you ask your dog to do it?

“Dear Mom and Dad,

Let me stay home. It's not that I don’t want to go with you.. it’s the heat, it’s not nice for me to walk and run next to you in this heat. But because I am a loyal dog, I often go beyond my limits. So I walk and run beside you, standing still if I have to. And not complain when I feel my paws burn.

I'm looking at you for a moment, but you do not understand. Because in a little over 5 minutes we will be at the cool puddle, right? But those little 5 minutes can be fatal to my feet. Because I sweat through my paws, and in this heat I just can not get rid of the sweat. My whole body is boiling, but I keep going .....

And then I end up on the tarmac. In the heat and in the sun. With my tongue out of my mouth and my eyes flashing in the sun. My paws are burning, my tongue is dry and my head is pounding in the heat that my body cannot get rid of ...

Instead, let me stay at home where I can enjoy the sun, with a large bowl of water, somewhere in the shade. And best of all like in a cool area with grass. Let’s play in a wading pool, or hose down the patio for me… and in the AC!!!


Your dog”

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