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Bell Island Babies

Personalities are really beginning to blossom. Babies are ready to start being paired up with their families!! Mustique and Montserra are my out going girls, Bermuda is my snuggly girl. Aruba is very independent and not afraid to go off exploring alone, but loves attention too!!, Kokomo is pretty close behind him. Banks is pretty curious as well. Jamaica & Bahamas need a lil time to get comfortable with new surroundings, but once they feel they have their bearings Look Out they are on the go!! Montego is a snuggler. Keys is tiny, but probably the smartest. He will explore, but doesn’t “NEED” to be center of attention and will walk away from the crowd. But he will find me when no one else is paying attention, to get in his snuggles. Sometimes that is meal time, so I am trying to keep back a little food to add back to the bowls once the others get full so he has enough LOL. Key Largo, is both a cuddly puppy and a playful one as well- but he is reserved so I left him for last!

None of them mind a thunderstorm, or loud music. A few were intrigued by the television, but quickly lost interest. if I bang to metal bowls they will stop and look at me and go on with they they were doing. If I toss some squeaky toys in to them, most will duck, wait for it to land then go check it out. Same with overhead garage door.. they duck, then straighten up and watch it close (or open). They all chase and bite my broom and mop. Climb in my dustpan when I am trying to use it. They sleep in a crate on a dog bed and Do NOT potty on it! But…🥹. Well….🥹 a few are using litter pan or pool 😉the majority of them are just pottying anywhere.. 🤷🏼‍♀️someone even pooped in the empty food bowl! 🤦🏽‍♀️ They are accepting the toenail grinder as just part of cuddle time, Most enjoy their baths & ear cleanings.

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