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Blaze’s color test

Call Name:Blaze Breed:Great Dane

Sex:FemaleDOB:Sept. 2020

Tested By: Heather Grabbe

Blue merle mantle out of Rumble Thick girl heavy boned

Other Testing, Registrations and Awards

  • DirtRoadDanes

Trait/Coat Color Test Results The results listed below represent genetic trait and coat color tests performed by Paw Print Genetics on this dog and are based on the sample(s) submitted to Paw Print Genetics. Trait/Coat ColorGenotypeInterpretationTest Date

A Locus (Agouti)Ay/Ay Sable/fawn

B Locus (Brown)B/B (does not carry brown)

D Locus (Dilute)d/dDilute (carries two copies of dilute)

E Locus (Yellow/Red)E/E Black

Em Locus (Melanistic Mask) Em/N(carrier)

H Locus (Harlequin, Great Dane)h/hNo harlequin

K Locus (Dominant Black)KB/KBNo agouti expression allowed

M Locus (Merle)m/M*See detailed interpretation (M263. ; M allele sizes between 247 – 264 bp have been associated with “atypical” or “diluted” coat colors/patterns;)

S Locus (White Spotting, Parti, or Piebald)S/SNo white spotting, flash, parti, or piebald

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