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Does your Dane think their name is NO-NO?

I have been asked so many questions on training and socialization recently. So I decided to do some research and find something everyone would be able to use. This company called Baxter and Bella is amazing. There is everything you need and You can actually get an entire lifetime membership for only $178 with my code: DIRTROAD and I will put the link to their website below.

When it comes to dog training we absolutely love BAXTER & Bella, which offers and online program that is easy to use and fun to follow. What's more, it's available everywhere you have an internet connection and on any device you want to use.

Good news... we have teamed up with them to provide you with an instant 25% off discount for lifetime access to their Online Puppy School! It includes a STEP-BY-STEP PROGRAM to follow, CLASSES & COURSES to attend, GAMES to play, ACTIVITIES for successful socialization, unlimited LIVE! HELP with their team of professional trainers, as well as so much more!

We highly recommend it and you can save 25% instantly by entering a discount code made just for us.: DIRTROAD

click image to learn more

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