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Let me start by saying whew 😥 I needed that day on the lake yesterday! Things are getting REAL here! I have my little Raja and ever littler Aragon & Kyanite who wake me every morning before 3:30am to potty. NO accidents in kennel so I cannot complain about the Potty Call. But Bell Island Babies are big enough now to start asking to play when they hear the others up. Of Course then Bella says “get me away from them for a while” so then I gotta take her out before letting her come lay with me. By now Voodoo is curious on all the commotion so she gets up, followed by Rene & Sam. Pearl gets woke doing all this and steals my spot in bed. Now the 3 original pups are full of energy and protest having to go back to bed. Izzy is flipping out and barking up a storm- cuz 🤷🏼‍♀️ that is what she does. Steps on her babies, making them all squawk! So now Rene & Voo have to go see why “babies are crying” sending Izzy into another tizzy. Call them back to bed and away from Izzy’s kennel, while I fight with Pearl to move out of my spot. (As she has suddenly gone deaf.) I am trying to be semi quiet as Craig is sleeping- or trying to. I finally get in bed, snuggle under my sheet AND…Craig’s alarm goes off. The Dogs jump out of bed..alarm means get up right? Raja starts whining to get out of her kennel. I SHUSH! her, tell everyone “Its not our time to get up!”

Next thing I know I hear one of Bella’s babies pitching a tremendously loud fit!

I jump out of bed to go go save them…

The lil turd climbed OUT of whelping box and landed in their breakfast nook. Bermuda is sitting with her head thrown back howling up into the air. I don know if its because she is that hungry, disappointed or lonely. The sight of me gets them all bouncing and barking for attention and breakfast. Now my day must truly start. It’s 6:45am. It’s currently around 9:30 as I type this and I have made served and cleaned up puppy mush, changed baby sheets x2, exercised, fed, pottied the other 10… is that right now? Izzy Bella Rumble Sam Rene Pearl Voo Raja Aragon & Kyanite… that is 10! Showered and have All 10 plus, 11 & 6 napping and I think… it should be my nap time too.

But I have to go to walmart- as we have an unwelcomed MOUSE in the house. And I need to do 3 wk photos… oh Life got real here!

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