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"How is our program here at Dirt Road Danes evolving to prioritize the basics?"

Dirt Road Danes, based in Southern Indiana, is a small breeding program run by Heather and Craig. Their mission is to breed Great Danes with friendly dispositions, making them incredible family pets. They focus on health, temperament, and conformation, striving to offer healthy happy lineage Danes at reasonable prices. Their program emphasizes quality over quantity, and they’ve brought in too many extra bloodlines to do their research on to preserve the vitality of the breed. So, they are making changes, scaling back, focusing on less Danes to get back to their Quality over Quantity.

In their recent evolution, they’ve began to scale back their program and phase out some of their breeders and offer them as in pets. As part of this change for the future, they’re currently offering adults and puppies at record low prices. These Danes come with a contract for spaying/neutering at the appropriate age. Whether you’re looking for young puppies or well-trained 3-year-olds, Dirt Road Danes has options available. They’re also expecting a litter from Pearl and Aragon soon. These two Danes continue their focus on bloodlines, personality traits, and conformationally sound Danes. These two will be working towards their OFA numbers this spring. If you’ve ever considered adding a Dane to your family, now is the perfect opportunity to do so1.

Summary: Dirt Road Danes, a small breeding program in Southern Indiana, offering healthy, well-bred Great Danes at affordable prices. Reach out to them if you’re interested in adopting one of these gentle giants.

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