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As the Island babies are now 4 weeks they are loving mushed food.

We had to purchase a 2nd trough so they would stop drowning each other lol. Bella really doesn’t want to nurse them but mid day and middle of the night! She is still willing to help me clean up behind them! Since they seem to have forgotten how to use the potty tray. ( since removing the whelping box.) It will come back to them! They definitely know the phrase “back- back up, back” to back away from gate and or trough.

The Boozie bunch were offered to try a bowl of gruel, they were NOT impressed they all went back to Momma to nurse. Izzy is keeping up with her 6 wonderfully. (They definitely dnt need supplements)

just wanted to see what they thought of it!

I need to get some newer group photos of them. Momma is just always hovering getting nervous and worked up.. So tend to focus on including her rather than snapping photos.

I am working on creating a small play room for the puppies. Since I don’t have fencing for their outdoor area yet! Once I get it done I will share photos and videos to FB for sure! If you are not friends with me on FB, please check out our page. When you like the page you will get an offer to join our group. Just answer 3 quick questions and you will have access to more photos of ALL my babies.. not just the ones available!

Here is the link to to the facebook page

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