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Welcoming a New Baby.

Since creating my original page. (And Wix changing to Spaces- so not sure how to change the original page) we have added two new babies to our program!!

so with out further blabber let me introduce the first one; Lil Ms Pearl!

She comes from “Blue Axel Danes” same as Rumble, not related though. She is a Harlequin that comes out of a Blue Mother and Chocolate Merle Father. She should carry for chocolate, harlequin, and possibly blue, too.

Pearl came home with an “in your face” demeanor, no fear of ANY of the big dogs not of their warning grumbles or nips at her nose. She hopped up and down the stairs like it was something she had always known how to do. She acquired a lil scar from “aunt Rosie” within the 2nd week home. That taught her to respect her elders! She has had her big girl ear surgery-just not able post ears up yet. Hope to Add more photos as she grows.

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